106 Reasons Why You Should Attend Camp This Summer

Because today is the 106th Birthday of the Girl Scouts, we wanted to share 106 reasons why you should come to Girl Scout Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont Summer Camps for summer 2018.

1. It won’t be snowing like it is today at camp.
2. Most days it will be warm and full of sunshine.
3. You know what’s great in the sunshine? Swimming in the beautiful pool every day.
4. So is doing activities at the lake like stand up paddle boarding,
5. And canoeing,
6. And kayaking ,
7. And paddle boating ,
8. And fishing,
9. And even swimming in the lake.
10. Oh, I almost forgot about playing water polo with a watermelon in the lake,
11. And capturing pirates because they stole all the silverware from the dining hall. Don’t worry, we always get it back!
12. Speaking of pirates, each camp has different themes for each week!
13. Themes give you additional fun “all camp” activities where we get the whole camp together like pirate hunts, 4th of July celebrations and Color Runs.
14. We also like to dress up in fun costumes to celebrate these themes, it wouldn’t be a day at camp if you didn’t spot someone dressed as Elsa, a pirate or even a fairy.
15. At camp we LOVE the fairies. They look after all the campers to ensure that they are having the best time while at camp.
16. If you write the fairies a note, they will always write you back.
17. Camp Magic. It’s the best.
18. While at camp, you’ll get to try a ton of new activities, or gain more skills in ones you already are familiar with, like;
19. Archery,
20. Horseback riding,
21. Horseback archery (yes, we said archery while riding horses!),
22. Outdoor cooking,
23. Knot tying,
24. Shelter building,
25. Hiking,
26. Drama,
27. Fire building,
28. Teambuilding,
29. Geocaching,
30. Orienteering ,
31. Leave No Trace,
32. STEM,
33. Backpacking,
34. Baking,
35. Astronomy,
36. Climbing at the climbing wall,
37. Climbing at the Alpine Tower,
38. Arts and Crafts,
39. Photography,
40. Singing,
41. (The best part of all the silly songs is being able to sing them the entire way home from camp – you’re welcome mom and dad  )
42. And so many more to count.
43. You can also go on trips to amazing places to do amazing things, like taking surf lessons at the beach,
44. Or going caving,
45. Or spending the night on the USS Yorktown.
46. You can even earn Girl Scout badges for doing these things!
47. We will send you a badge sheet at the end of each camp session, which will tell you all the great accomplishments you achieved.
48. While building your skills in these areas, you will be working on growing your
49. Courage,
50. Confidence,
51. And character.
52. We pride on giving you the opportunity to gain relationships with others you may not have met unless you came to camp.
53. Because of this, you will live in a community of like-minded individuals.
54. You will live in a community of diverse individuals.
55. You will learn to live in a community of both like-minded and diverse individuals.
56. You will gain independence while living in that community.
57. You will gain the best of friends while living in that community.
58. You will learn what is means to be a part of a community.
59. You will learn to work and live as a team.
60. You will gain responsibility over your own actions, like learning to make your bed
61. And tidying up your cabin,
62. And sharing with others,
63. And practicing self-care,
64. And gaining a positive sense of self,
65. And attempting to go home with everything you came with (remember to label what you bring to camp)!
66. Within this community, you will also get the chance to be YOU.
67. Sometimes at school it’s had to be yourself, but at camp, everyone can open up and be who they want to be.
68. The friends that will encourage you be your best self are called your camp counselors.
69. At GSCP2P camps, we are lucky to be able to hire some awesome professional role models for you aka your camp counselors.
70. We look for counselors who are enthusiastic,
71. Safety minded,
72. Caring,
73. Positive,
74. Generous,
75. Encouraging,
76. Inspiring,
77. Empathetic,
78. Silly,
79. Courageous,
80. Leaders,
81. Fun,
82. And most importantly, are looking to spend 8 ½ weeks in the woods to make this your best summer yet.
83. We also hire international camp staff, as we think it’s important for you to have an international experience while at camp.
84. We love to have our staff share their cultures with you!
85. This summer we have staff from some pretty awesome places like;
86. Hungary,
87. England,
88. The Netherlands,
89. And Scotland.
90. We bet you will teach our International staff a few things, too!
91. All of our staff are here to encourage you to grow this summer.
92. By the end of the week, you will grow as person,
93. As friend,
94. As a student,
95. As a member of your family,
96. And as a leader.
97. Every camp ends the week with a closing campfire.
98. Closing campfire is a reflective way to look back and reminisce on all the fun you had.
99. You will get to sing a campfire song that means something to you, which is pretty special.
100. This all happens while looking up at the stars.
101. You will reflect on your week of being one with nature,
102. Being a part of something bigger than yourself,
103. Gaining relationship building skills
104. And trying new things.
105. By the this time, you will truly be a part of camp.
106. And camp will forever be a part of you.

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