#TroopTuesday: Girl Scout Troop 143 Reunites in Henderson

Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout. These five women showed Henderson, NC that you never lose that Girl Scout courage, confidence or character- even more than 60 years later!

Members of Girl Scout Troop 143 reunited in Henderson the weekend of October 18 to reminisce about “sleep-away camp,” selling cookies, visiting the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace and more. Girl Scouting was an important part of their lives growing up in the 1950’s and they look back fondly on the memories and the lifelong friendships that came from the program.

This was the 4th annual reunion for these Girl Scouts but the first time they donned Brownie “beanies” and membership pins. They even got in the spirit and performed the Brownie Smile Song.


Special thanks to Emily Ragsdale for stopping by our Triad Service Center and sharing this story with our staff. We love hearing stories about how Girl Scouting is a sisterhood for life!

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