#TroopTuesday Silver Award: Preventing Teen Sexual Harassment

Congratulations to Jillian Huneycutt, Antonia (Jaenay) Sims and Anna Travis from Girl Scout Troop 2276 of Gaston County for earning their Girl Scout Silver Award in the fall of 2019! They worked with Gaston County Police, The Shelter of Gaston County, McGinnis Academy of Martial Arts and Crisis Ministries to help prevent sexual assault and harassment. They organized a presentation with topics such as Respect for Yourself, Human Trafficking and Cyber Safety. The girls did in-depth research to make sure their presentation was as informative and accurate as possible. They also cleaned and organized a storage closet for The Shelter of Gaston County so the shelter could better distribute items to residents. Their work will help teens and adults stay safe and informed about tough topics!

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