#TroopTuesday Bronze Award: Improving Walking Path at Keyauwee Program Center

Congratulations to Amelia Bray, Sloane Dockery, Jillian Galbaugh, Emily Murphy, Sofia Walter and Aubrey Ward, the girls of Girl Scout Troop 2826 of Forsyth County on completing their Girl Scout Bronze Award this past year! The troop, who loves to spend time at GSCP2P’s Keyauwee Program Center, noticed that there was an erosion problem on one of the camp’s trails. After learning about erosion and what causes it, the troop worked with the camp ranger to develop a plan for installing drainage pipes to avoid further erosion. The girls then spent a day at Keyauwee leveling the ground on the trail, building a pathway with mulch and stepping stones, adding plastic edging to the pathway and trimming low branches. Through their project, the troop was able to enhance their teamwork and budgeting skills, as well as create a lasting and positive impact on a space in their community. 

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