#Troop Tuesday Silver Award: Trading Screen Time for Logic Puzzles

Congratulations to Courtney Blair and Caroline Pope from Girl Scout Troop 28791 of Henderson County on earning their Girl Scout Silver Award earlier this year! For their project, the girls focused on changing students use of free time from screen time to other activities; in Caroline and Courtney’s case, Rubik’s cubing was the answer. Before introducing cubing to their classmates, the girls held a car wash and raised $171 to buy Rubik’s Cubes, timers and a book on solving cubes for the Cubing Club they started at Henderson Middle School. Their club met weekly after school for 40 minutes. Caroline and Courtney even planned and held a cubing competition at their local library. The girls rounded out their project by leaving Rubik’s Cube donation boxes around Hendersonville and were able to donate 38 new Rubik’s Cubes to the Boys and Girls Club of Hendersonville. With their project, these two Girl Scouts developed stronger organizational, leadership and communication skills, as well as brought their peers’ attention to a brain-building alternative to screen time.  

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