#TroopTuesday Bronze Award: Making the World a Better Place for Cancer Patients

Congratulations to Maya, Aliana, Megan, Naomi, Taylor, JaNiya, Kadence, Sa’Myah, Gavrielle, Amaris, Amira, Kaleyana, Camille and Jada from Girl Scout Troop 40514 of Guilford County on earning their Girl Scout Bronze Award earlier this year! After making the initial decision to support cancer patients at their local hospital, the troop researched and learned about the different forms of cancer, their effects and the treatments available. The girls invited employees of cancer networks, as well as cancer patients, to talk to them about the disease. The troop designed bandanas and hats to give to cancer patients that would encourage them during their treatment and held a canned food drivethru, collecting $350 worth of food for the Cancer Center’s food pantry. Through their project, the girls learned not only about the importance of living fully, but about being mindful and compassionate about other individual’s situations.  

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