#TroopTuesday: Beautification of Local Greenway

Congratulations to Kylie, Katherine, Allie, Betsy, Kalleigh, Caleigh, Mackenzie, Mahala from Troop 2739 of Avery County for recently earning the Girl Scout Bronze Award! To start off their project the troop made a presentation to the Crossnore Community Enhancement Board about beautifying an area of their local greenway. After receiving approval, the girls got to work planning and designing two plant beds, collecting donated plants for the area, and learning about the specific environmental needs of each plant they were moving to the area. The troop then held a “project day” to plant the beds and even clear out overgrowth along the greenway; even members of the Community Enhancement Board came out to volunteer! Not only was the project a success, but it also created a lasting and beautiful impact on their community, and allowed the troop to learn about leadership, responsibility, and collaboration. 

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