3-2-1 S’more Girls for S’more Fun!

Our goal is to support the troops in our council and to enhance the Girl Scout experience for ALL girls.  Active troops and good troop leaders are keys to a successful experience. With that in mind, we’d like to issue a S’more Girls Challenge to our troops!

It’s easy. As you add girls to your troop during the month of March and April, simply let us know here, and we will get you your prize(s)!

Need an invite to send to potential girls? We have created one for you here.

Why does troop size matter?

  • More girls, more fun and more friends!
  • More parents to support all of the fun, activities and responsibilities!
  • The suggested troop size is 10-25 girls, which allows for cooperative learning, leadership opportunities and sufficient troop funds.
  • Girls working in patrols (small groups) within the troop gain valuable leadership skills and expanded ownership of their Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
  • Strong, healthy troops = Strong, healthy council!

Let us know if you have any questions or would like help recruiting girls in your area by e-mailing info@girlscoutsp2p.org.

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