#TroopTuesday: Cancer Care Girls

Congratulations to Angelina Coq, Mckenna Brown, Julia Skolnik, Kate McDaniel, Zelia Morris, Ellie Henry, Emma Sutherland, Elayna Holt, Madison Potter, and Lola Barone from Girl Scout Troop 20015 in Gaston County for completing their Girl Scout Bronze Award this past year! The Cancer Care Girls Project was designed to collect specific supplies to fill cancer comfort bags for adults and children going through cancer treatment. With lots of hard work, the girls were able to collect enough donations to fill over 120 Cancer Care bags, and with some miscellaneous leftover items, they donated to Levine’s Children’s Hospital. The Girls not only wanted to provide them with items to help them through a tough time, but also give them Love, Comfort, and Hope. They decided bringing awareness would be beneficial to the needs of those going through cancer and the facilities. As a troop, they will continue to get the word out about the Cancer Services of Gaston County and how to donate to them in the future.  Way to go, Girls!

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