Today’s Tips 6.14.21

Save Your Cookie Program Contacts
A special thanks to all the girls who participated in our 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program. Our girls had some great results!

At the end of each cookie program, the girl data in Smart Cookies (the program we use for online selling and to record our cookie program information) is deleted so that ABC can prepare the database for the next year. In doing so, girls lose any contacts/customer information they may have entered in Smart Cookies. If you want to save your contacts/customer information from this year to ensure you have the best possible cookie sales in 2022, follow the steps below so you can reach out to those same people next cookie season.

Smart Cookies will be taken offline on Friday, July 30, so be sure to save your information prior to this date.  

Save and import customer contacts from Smart Cookies:
Step 1: Log into Smart Cookies at
Step 2: Click “My Orders”, select “My Contacts” and click the “Export” button. 
Step 3: Delete row 1 (column headers), delete column D (“Language”), delete column E (“Action”).  
Step 4: Click “File” and “Save As” a csv file.  

When the new cookie season starts next year:
Step 1: Log into Smart Cookies at
Step 2: Click “My Orders”, then select “My Contacts” and click the “Import” button.  
Step 3: Select your saved csv document and upload the file.

​Discover our Patch Programs!
Summer is a great time to work on our patch programs- either individually or with your troop! There are so many options, and you can find them all on our website. New programs happening now include the Girl Scouts Outdoors ChallengeThe Great Space Challenge and the patch design contest for our annual Good Turn for Goodwill service project.

Amazon Prime Days are Coming Up & You Can Support P2P!

Amazon Prime Days are coming on June 21 and 22. And you can support Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont when you’re getting all your great Prime deals. Simply choose us as your charity of choice when you login into Amazon Smile. We appreciate your support!

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