A Girl’s Eye View of the New Adventure Park

By: Zoe Browne – Girl Scout Cadette, Girl Scout Troop 2983, Greensboro

I got the great opportunity to be at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Congdon Adventure Park at Keyauwee and be the first Girl Scout to try it out. It was SUPER fun! I started on the difficult course first for a challenge. I loved looking down to see everyone cheering me on and seeing all around Keyauwee- a place I called home for three summers and a bunch of trips. Then I got to jump off the tall structure with a bungie, which was SUPER COOL! I am afraid of heights and so when I jumped off it felt like a real accomplishment to finish it. Then, I decided to go again, and I went on the easy course and since I am pretty good at ropes courses I tried to go really fast through it, which made it challenging, but also so amazing! In addition to going on the course, it was really great to meet the people that paid for the course, the new CEO of P2P and also Cindy Farmer from the news. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity- I will remember it forever!

To see more photos of the ribbon cutting of Congdon Adventure Park at Keyauwee Program Center, click here.

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