She’s My Friend Patch Program

Our Girl Scout friends at Girl Scouts Heart of the South created the She’s My Friend Patch Program, where girls will explore inclusivity, the value of each person in society and the confidence to stand up for what is right. This program is intended to be a guided discussion in a troop or family setting. In a troop setting, it is up to the leader to direct the discussion based on the grade level of the girls.

They have curated the activities based on grade levels, but you know how to talk to your girls best! After reading the Facilitator’s Guide and becoming familiar with the vocabulary, introduce each topic to your group and complete the introduction activity and discussion. Then, choose at least one age level activity to complete. If you want to do more, try out some of the other activities! Almost all of them can be adapted for other grade levels.

Click here for the Patch Program Guide and, once you have completed the patch, you can contact Heart of the South at 800-624-4185 if you would like to purchase patches for your troop or girl.

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