What Does It Mean to Be a Girl Scout?

In celebration of Girl Scout Week 2022, some our Media Girls are sharing their thoughts about what it means to be a Girl Scout, why every girl should be a Girl Scout and more!

Why Should a Girl Be a Girl Scout?
Girls should become Girl Scouts because being a Girl Scout means learning how to become your best self. There is something for every girl. – Sadie Byrd, Girl Scout Junior

What is Your Favorite Girl Scout Memory?
My favorite Girl Scout memory was our beach trip with our Girl Scout troop several years ago. As Daisies, we worked hard to earn money for this trip by selling cookies. We earned enough money to pay for a weekend trip to the beach for each of the families in our troop. When we got to the hotel, we all got our sand buckets from our troop leader filled with goodies and fun activities for the weekend. We made tie dye shirts and socks, cooked dinner with our parents, made S.W.A.P.S. and played a lot of games together. On Saturday, we even had a beach clean up where each girl had to fill their bucket with trash from the beach. The most memorable part of all was when we got to do our bridging ceremony from Daisies to Brownies at Fort Macon. It was cool to get to walk over the bridge and see our parents proudly waiting for us on the other side. Many people stopped by to witness our bridging program inside of the fort and applauded us. We ended the trip by enjoying delicious cupcakes with sour rainbows on top. I will never forget how much fun we had with our Girl Scout sisters/friends. – Audrey Brehm, Girl Scout Junior

Why Should a Girl Be a Girl Scout?
A girl should be a Girl Scout for many reasons. I was glad that I joined Girl Scouts because it helped me start and grow my own business. During the summer of 2020, I took an online business class and I learned how to start and grow my own business. Selling Girl Scout Cookies helped me with goal setting, money management, people skills, decision making and business ethics. I learned that I need to be a very outgoing person to talk to people about my business. Especially when I sell at Farmer’s Markets. I learned from Girl Scouts that the worst thing people will say to you if you ask them to buy is simply “no”. I can manage money and run my business effectively now because of Girl Scouts and my additional business class. I would definitely recommend becoming a Girl Scout if you aren’t already so you can learn valuable and essential skills to life. – Aunica Tomlinson, Girl Scout Cadette

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