Good Turn for Goodwill 2019

Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont and Goodwill Industries are excited about our annual donation drive collaboration: Good Turn for Goodwill! Through your troop’s efforts, we anticipate the collection of thousands of pounds of clothing that will be sold in Goodwill stores to support employment and training programs that help local people find hope, opportunity and jobs. Good Turn for Goodwill will teach your girls the value of volunteering for those who are less fortunate and provide the opportunity for them to earn a FREE Good Turn patch. Of course, your participation is vital to the project’s success. Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Encourage each Girl Scout to collect at least three large bags of clothing from her home, neighbors and friends.

2. If possible, contact the Goodwill in your area to schedule a tour for your troop.

3. Donate the bags of donations to any Goodwill store or donation center during the month of October.

4. If you are planning to donate as a troop, try to get a picture of the donation or contact your Goodwill chapter to arrange for a photo.

5. Submit the Project Report/Patch Order Form to by November 15.

That’s it! Your girls have done Good Turn for Goodwill and will be awarded their Good Turn patches after the campaign’s completion. Thank you for helping us help others!

For more information on locations for donations and items accepted, please see the full Good Turn for Goodwill 2019 packet. 

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