Be on the Look Out for the P2P Vans and You Could Earn Our Brand New Patch for Free!

Have you ever spotted the P2P cookie van while out and about? Has your girl ever shouted from the backseat “Look! There’s a Girl Scout van!” Now, there’s a patch for that!

This year, we’re introducing a brand new patch for FREE! And it’s super simple to earn too! Just do the following:

  • Spot the P2P van “out in the wild!” (Sorry, the Girl Scout office parking lot doesn’t count)!
  • Snap a picture, or even better, a selfie with the van!
  • Post the picture in a public post on your Facebook or Instagram page.
  • Tag us in the post using #P2PGirlScoutsonthemove
  • Score your free patch by showing us your post on your mobile device in any of our four council shops.

Spot, Snap, Post, Tag, Score! It’s that easy!

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