#TroopTuesday Bronze Award: Blessing Box

Congratulations to Alexia Dancausse, Amelia Collier, Anna Essma, Annabelle Pirkl, Beilul Hadgu, Brinn Clancy, Corrina Dillon, Emma Burns, Julia Gladstone, Karridy Read, Lauren Showers, Regan Haverstock and Willa Stoutner from Girl Scout Troop 2876 of Guilford County for earning their Girl Scout Bronze Award! They worked with Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Greensboro to create a Blessing Box (or Little Free Food Pantry). The girls worked to get the box registered on the national Little Food Pantry website and created a sign-up sheet to make sure the pantry is always stocked. Their work will help those struggling with food insecurity in their community.

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