#TroopTuesday Bronze Award: Protect, Conserve, Clean Up!

Congratulations to Julia, Livi, Elizabeth, Cora, Arabella, Kate, Olivia, Ariel, Nico and Audrey, the ladies of Girl Scout Troop 1901 of Henderson County, for earning their Girl Scout Bronze Award this past year! Their project “Protect, Conserve, Clean Up!” allowed them to learn about energy, conservation and how to help the environment. In their school and other public spaces, the girls hung posters they had made about how kids can help the environment. The troop also put collection bins in their school classrooms for used markers and pens to send to Crayola for recycling and collected hard-to-recycle items to donate to Terra Cycle. They even did a troop clean-up at the Carl Sandburg home. They also created a clean-up challenge for other troops to follow as they clean up their own communities. Not only did the troop help their local environment, they learned about how to continue this action after their project was over and encouraged others to take care of their communities too.

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