#TroopTuesday: Helping the Humane Society

Congratulations to Madison and Selena from Troop 12331 of Forsyth County on recently earning their Silver Award! The girls chose to work with the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach when they noticed that the organization significantly lacked community support. Madison and Selena made posters informing the community on ways to help the shelter, and integrated hurricane preparedness posters and booklets into their project as Hurricane Dorian threatened the area. The girls also assisted in an adoption fair, and even recruited a sister troop to volunteer with them! In addition to completing this meaningful project, Madison and Selena learned to create content with online publishing systems to create their booklets, and worked around conflicting schedules and longdistance conference calls to communicate with the Humane Society and their advisors. Despite these challenges and the potential threat of Hurricane Dorian, the girls pulled off an amazing project! 

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