#TroopTuesday Bronze Award: Naturally Beautiful

Congratulations to Alexandria Dove of Girl Scout Troop 2819 in Forsyth County for completing her Girl Scout Bronze Award. She worked hard to combine her love of both art and nature to complete her project. Initially, she wanted to have a series of workshops that embodied the concept of art and nature in various capacities. For example, tie-dye, mud painting, mapmaking, and building birdhouses. From that list, she chose to go with the tie-dye workshop.

With the help of the Sawtooth Center & Gateway Nature Preserve Water Service, she and 10 others were able to complete tie-dye masterpieces! Alexandria used natural berries, plants and clay dirt to create bold/ vibrant colors and she also used kudzu vines instead of rubber bands to hold the shape of the old t-shirts to dye. Alexandria demonstrated leadership skills by taking the initiative from planning out the workshop to contacting the center and inviting those to share the experience with her. The end result was totally awesome!

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