Today’s Tips 7.12.21

Join Us as We Welcome Our New CEO 
Come meet our council’s new CEO, Jennifer L. Wilcox! This is a drop-in event and a chance for our P2P girl and adult members, friends, volunteers and supporters to meet Jennifer.

Meet and greet options are available at each service center- additional details and reservation information can be found here.  

​Becoming Me Series for All Girls 
We are kicking off our Becoming Me virtual series, and we are excited to offer this unique experience to girls in all grade levels. There are specific workshops for girls in grades K-12 and the cost is only $3 per Girl Scout. Girls will explore the truth of their own story and the power of their voice while hanging out with friends. Have a friend who is not yet a Girl Scout? She can attend this series with you. (Non-Girl Scouts pay $28, which includes a Girl Scout membership valid through September 2022.)

Find all the registration information for each program here

​Reminder: Past Cookie/Gold Scholarship Winners
If you are a past recipient of a cookie or Gold Award scholarship and have not received communication about redeeming your scholarship and/or need payment for the fall 2021 semester, please reach out to Stephanie Werner, CFO, directly. 
Reminder: Save Your Cookie Contacts 
At the end of each cookie program, the girl data in Smart Cookies (the program we use for online selling and to record our cookie program information) is deleted so that ABC can prepare the database for the next year. In doing so, girls lose any contacts/customer information they may have entered in Smart Cookies. If you want to save your contacts/customer information from this year to ensure you have the best possible cookie sales in 2022, follow the steps below so you can reach out to those same people next cookie season.

Smart Cookies will be taken offline on Friday, July 30, so be sure to save your information prior to this date.  

Save and import customer contacts from Smart Cookies:
Step 1: Log into Smart Cookies at
Step 2: Click “My Orders”, select “My Contacts” and click the “Export” button. 
Step 3: Delete row 1 (column headers), delete column D (“Language”), delete column E (“Action”).  
Step 4: Click “File” and “Save As” a csv file.  

When the new cookie season starts next year:
Step 1: Log into Smart Cookies at
Step 2: Click “My Orders”, then select “My Contacts” and click the “Import” button.  
Step 3: Select your saved csv document and upload the file.

Community Partner Spotlight
My Portfolio: August 7 & 8, 1-3 p.m.
Join the Girls Who Code at UNC-Charlotte for a workshop all about building your online portfolio, creating a resume, preparing for interviews and applying to college. This program is open to Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors. Registration closes July 24. 

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